Moon day today, October 26, 2017

Daily consider the advice of the lunar calendar, because from the moon you can expect anything. Today its influence is positive. The advice of the astrologers will help to spend the day productively.

Start the morning right, tune into positive change. And even better — become the source of these changes, ceasing to occupy the position of observer. Life is fleeting and requires efforts today. Each new day should be bright, promising and productive. Positive thinking will become a magnet of good luck and a lunar calendar will help not to miss anything important and to avoid trouble.

Moon phase: 7 day of the moon is always favorable. However, at 13:27 Moscow time it will be 8 lunar day, but that luck will not be lowered. Of course, much will depend on the provisions of the waxing moon. Today she will please us, extending its stay in Capricorn. Because such a finding would weaken the position of the moon, it will hinder her to gain strength.

Magnetic storms: health today should keep. There is a risk of a magnetic storm. Since morning we suffered headaches, pronounced fatigue will interfere with achieving success.

That will bring good luck:
buying and selling of real estate;
travel and leisure;
mutual assistance;
business activity;
That will scare the luck:
new beginnings;
harsh words;
unfounded conclusions;
money matters;
excessive impulsivity;
Chores according to the lunar calendar

At home and outside the apartment, you need to do what makes you happy, motivates you to new activities. Deal with your favorite things. If by cleaning you today is not located, a mess or a creative mess does not cause you unnecessary irritation, feel free to put it on another day. Today all my free time is to devote themselves and their desires. There are no limitations, why spend time watching a movie or take in guests. To action it is better to start with someone at the same time, because of easy communication and a common interest in the activity will increase motivation and improve mood.

Finance and career Thursday

In the financial sphere not everything is going smoothly. The fact that Capricorn is not very friendly with the Moon, and it will be a striking dissonance. You need to consider all the nuances and subtleties of danger can descend unexpectedly. You have to become a shark and missed only the biggest pieces. Make it a rule today to rely on monetary signs. In this troubled time they can specify the right path.

The rest of the day is suitable for people organized and active, are accustomed to use their diplomatic skills to good use. The absolute altruism of today will be superfluous, but all possible help will be very useful. October 26, you can be in a situation when you’ll need someone’s advice. Do not deny anyone not to have denied you.

Closet in the 7th and 8th lunar days

Clothing 26 Oct should be bright and attractive, so your image has become a magnet for the opposite sex. Don’t be afraid to emphasize your strengths — this will open all eyes to the fact, what or how do you know how to be. When choosing colors to give preference to green shades. Green is the color of joy, fun and spirituality. It will help you to activate the hidden energies that have for too long been hiding inside. It is thanks to her that you will be able to make the right decision and to perform the tasks. Green paint will replace all the negative thoughts, replacing them with perseverance, courage and confidence. Best mascot today is the gold.

Love and relationships on October 26

If in the material sphere of life you may have difficulties, then you love all the trouble will be spared. Today is a perfect day for love relationships or romantic Dating. By itself, the Sign of Capricorn is very cold in feeling, but it would rather play you than Vice versa. October 26 will be a chance to upgrade their feelings, make plans for the future, talking heart to heart. Extra emotions do not overtake you, as it happens in other days. Yes, love can require some work, but the result will please you.

Today is not the day to wallow in loneliness. Interaction with people will give you new emotions. In other words, one necessary breath of happiness that will allow you to move forward. Just do not pay attention on individuals who show you aggression or negativity.

Health and mood today

On the agenda is the perturbation of the magnetosphere. At any time of lightweight solar wind may form a storm, so beware. Monitor your condition to prevent complications.

Emotions will be calm, sometimes even too. You can go for indifferent and aloof person, but don’t worry about it. You will be able to look at things a sober look. Capricorn October 26 will disharmoniously with the Moon, so don’t be disheartened, and looking for inspiration. Prefer fun classes — boring, friendly people — aggressive and only do what gives you happiness. That’s the recipe that helps to overcome apathy and the autumn Blues.

Today one of the most auspicious days in the lunar calendar, and they should dispose of properly. Boldly look to the future, analyze the present and leave the past in the past. Don’t be afraid to be happy and live life to the fullest, for you it is a deserved reward. We wish you good mood, success,