Moon day today, January 3, 2018

Lunar calendar will help you to start an active life after the holidays, to join in the work and to avoid erroneous actions. Given the advice of astrologers, you will be able to spend the day as well as it can.

The middle of the week will be under the influence of the waning moon. It is in the constellation of Leo, endowing the space with positive energy. At this time the active life and the desire to act will be the key to success in the future and will not miss the opportunity to achieve well-being in a relationship.

Moon phase: 3 Jan come 16 lunar day. The moon is waning, moving from the constellation Cancer into Leo. This time is favorable for active cases finding inner balance and harmony. Exclude inaction that your unspent energy not found a negative output.

Magnetic storms: 3 number of meteorologists do not predict solar flares. His activity is minimal, which can not but rejoice weather-sensitive people.

What is good today:
positive attitude;
participation in various events;
romantic relationship.
What is harmful:
passivity and laziness;
financial transactions;
the conclusion of transactions.
Finance and career today

In business Affairs today it is possible to deal with responsibilities that don’t take a lot of time and energy. You can organize a conference, to participate in the planning of further cases to put before the staff a new task. For financial transactions this day. A desire to have fun reduces the concentration, and you can make some mistakes that will lead to significant loss of savings. Eliminate and the signing of major contracts.

Chores according to the lunar calendar

In a medium active household chores is better to leave. Go back to what you like. Leo affects emotions, and that the stored energy found a way out, get active: take a walk with friends, start a new sport, participate in cultural events. Evening experts website dailyhoro.ru recommend that the family or alone with your loved one.

Closet in the 16th lunar day

Active day no need to dilute the dull colors. A bright closet will help you keep a positive attitude and a desire to take action. Give preference to clothing that does not hinder movement so you don’t looked like you are holding back. As jewelry fit gold, but if you are too determined, the jewelry from this metal may cause irritation and increase impulsiveness.

Health and emotions in the environment

The energy that needs to come out, should be used. To maintain the health and mood at a high level will help you exercise, fresh air and the exception to the menu of alcohol and fatty food. Get in tone with help decoctions of herbs. They will help you to keep inner balance.

Love and relationships January 3,

Romantic mood in the environment will help you to build relationships within the family. Spend time with your favorite people, organize a dinner or immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere by visiting a restaurant or café. Lonely people today can go in search of a relationship. In business relationships you can achieve success, if you will compromise and not be shown to the opponents inflated claims.

The beginning of January can give you the chance to get rid of any negativity, so use your capacities wisely. Eliminate contact with people who are motivated by aggression. Stop being dependent on harmful relationships that hinder your development.