Moon day today is 11 January 2018

At the beginning of the new year you can start to make plans for the future. However, you should choose the most auspicious days for their realization that in all the Affairs of you luck. This will help the lunar calendar.

Every lunar phase affects on our lives. On certain days we feel confident and ready to take responsible decisions, but sometimes should put things off until the future to implement plans doesn’t stop. Lunar calendar can become your indispensable assistant: thanks to the advice of astrologers you closer to your goals and achieve success.

The phase of the moon January 11: today the Moon located in the constellation of Scorpio. Strong energy Sign will give you confidence and will help in the most crucial situations, most importantly — believe in yourself. 24 lunar day special changes in life are not expected, but the day will be conducive to the solution of health problems and disease prevention. The disc is in a phase of decrease, so try to run their business slowly and make decisions only when they are sure they are correct.

Magnetic storms in the 24 lunar day: the Sun will be at rest, and thus, magnetic storms are expected today.

What today will bring good luck:
new ideas;
a visit to the doctor;
the solution of old problems;
public speaking.
That will scare luck on Thursday:
the adoption of hasty decisions;
physical activity;
the desire for global change.
Finance and career according to the lunar calendar

No matter what happens today try to rely on your intuition. Creativity helps to solve even the most complex situations. Under the influence of vigorous Scorpion any responsible decision can result in you benefits and career take off, but your actions must be deliberate, otherwise you risk to spoil your reputation in the eyes of the authorities and staff.

Shopping is a good way not only to relax and lift your mood, but also make your house change. Today is the day for shopping, useful in everyday life. New dishes, appliances, or just small elements of decor will decorate your home and create a positive energy.

House chores today

24 lunar day is best spent with family. Calm the energy of the day will help you get the most from open to close. If there is a conflict on the basis of misunderstanding, try to settle them and not continue a useless discussion, otherwise you risk to spoil the mood of yourself and your family and fill your home with negative energy.

Today you can feel energetic, but it is better to spend forces on routine exercises and mental work. Of course, if after the Christmas festivities to your home requires General cleaning, do not postpone it on then, but it is not necessary to devote to this occupation all my free time.

Love and relationships in the 24th lunar day

Thursday will be on the influence of one of the most powerful planets — Jupiter. So intuition and gut feeling today — your best assistants. If you suspect a loved one of infidelity and betrayal, then perhaps you are right, but do not take hasty decisions, because any version requires validation. Try to pull the partner Frank conversation and ask him any questions you have. However, if the conversation is not glued, then follow the prompts of your heart and inner voice — they will tell you the right decision.

If you are already married and dream in 2018 about the new addition to the family, in 24 lunar day you will have the opportunity to get closer to this goal. According to the lunar calendar, the current day is favorable for conception or planning of the future family.

Closet on Thursday

The clothes should give you not only the charm, but also confidence, so today very carefully approach the choice of the image. Eliminate black and gray colors, which will create negativity around and inside you. Even in the workplace, try to look bright, but not provocative. Clothing red color will give you strength and outfit of light blue and pink shades will give you ease and peace of mind. If you are a lover of precious stones, with caution go to their choice: some of them can hurt you.

Health and mood 11 Jan

24 lunar day it is best to devote time to their health. If you are concerned about even minor ailments, you should visit your doctor. During this period, more and more cases of colds, so even if your physical condition doesn’t bother you, fortify your body with vitamins and dress warmly.

Your mood Jan 11, depends on you. The energy of the day will be relaxed, and hence the inside you will reign harmony. However, if you provoke a conflict or will be a party, to avoid the negative emotions you will not succeed. Try to calmly respond to small failures and troubles and not to succumb to provocations of the aggressors and envious.

The advice of astrologers can help you to start life with a clean slate. In 2018 you will be able to achieve positive change and happiness, the most important thing is to follow the simple rules and applying a little effort on their part. We wish you success and victories in the new year