Moon day today, 8 January 2018

Lunar energy has a strong influence on all life on Earth. If you want to spend the day productively, and finishing it on a positive note, you just need to listen to the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

January continues to gain momentum. Today we are waiting for positive energy day. However, problems come from where do not wait. The lunar calendar recommends how to take care of his mood. In this harmonious and peaceful day it is advisable not to overdo it and not to take on extra obligations. Stress will quickly find a way to you, depriving you not only of a positive attitude, but forces. Be careful.

Moon phase: date will be held under the administration of the constellation Libra, which will be a waning Moon. 21 lunar day promise to give people a lot of good, because the energy of the moon and the Weights will not come into a clear dissonance.

Magnetic storm: a disturbance of the magnetosphere of the Earth rises by a few points compared to the last two days. The chances of occurrence of a magnetic storm high, so everyone should pay attention to their physical activity. Do a leisurely business, not to feel the sharp loss of strength.

That will bring good luck:
the search for a new hobby;
communication with people;
trip and travel;
positive thinking;
That will scare the luck:
the fateful decision, taken rashly;
doubts and hesitations.
Home today

To date, you only bring luck and happiness, start it properly. This means that in the morning instead of strained nerves and irritation you should see the smile on her face. How you begin the morning, the energy of the day, so do not allow yourself negative thoughts. Now negative — a luxury. In the rest of the lunar calendar advised to adhere to the Golden mean. Do not load on too many household responsibilities. If possible, divide chores with family members, if not — make only the most necessary. Otherwise, this day will remembered as the time of trouble and fuss.

Finance and career Monday

Libra and financial sphere of life do not have anything in common. Under the influence of this constellation your thoughts will fly far beyond the material. You will be concerned about not how much money you have, and even what heights you could achieve if I didn’t waste time. On this basis, can have doubts in yourself, in your goals and life in General. But to doubt today — a bad sign. Don’t rush: all that should be yours will be. The main thing is to exercise patience and restraint.

As for the money, then you will not have the desire to spend and waste if you don’t notice the beautiful things, which had long dreamed of. In any case, try to remain calm. Live within your means. If your income will cover the buy, treat yourself, if not, then don’t try to jump over your head.

Love and relationships January 8

Today is about love need to shout, but no people around, and its second half. This day, according to the lunar calendar, ideal for your confessions of your feelings. If you want to impress a loved one, now you get lucky. Be yourself, don’t lie and trust the heart. To take the first steps is always difficult, but not today. Breathe in relationship a new life, a change of scenery, if circumstances so require. Today you have a unique opportunity to connect with your lover on a spiritual level, so use it.

In human relations the important thing is to show the utmost friendliness. Will help you everything, if you can show that you deserve it. Don’t be afraid to make new friends: now they will bring you the maximum benefit and joy.

Closet in the 21st lunar day

Today is a day of interaction with people. As you know, meet on clothes, so your image needs to conform to norms of decency, to stick to one style and give people a lasting impression. Lunar calendar advises to play with the color palette. Do not limit your choice to one color, add to your life paints. Keep in mind at all — it is not necessary to blend in with the crowd. This is an easy and harmonious day if you are able to enlist the support of the environment. Complex tasks are best solved together.

Mood and health today

Doubts, fears, insecurities, and obsessions — that illnesses on 8 January. To get rid of them, you need to be positive. Spend more time to improve mood: communicate with successful people, develop positive thinking, watch motivational videos or read inspirational books. No matter how you lift yourself up, the important fact.

When there is a disturbance in the magnetosphere, many people are experiencing some problems with health. Today solar activity will play a negative role, adding to the problems with mood and General health. You will experience an urgent need to rest, so try to distribute your time properly.

Lunar calendar is an indispensable assistant for those who decided to change life for the better. Every day the Moon changes its mood, through which we may suffer from a lack of energy from either of its surplus. To find harmony in life, it is important to expend internal energy. We wish you a great day of success today,