Moon day today, 7 January 2018

The energy of the moon can help you in business, and may deprive good luck. Use the advice of astrologers, to be always up to date and eliminate failures in all spheres of life.

The moon can make people feel a lot of positive emotions and actively work for their benefit. But not always positive the energy of the moon and is suitable for attracting happiness. Stay in shape even in the days when forces seemingly not possible. Use positive affirmations and eliminate the negative thinking that each day brought only success.

Moon phase: January 7 Moon continues to wane in the constellation Virgo. 20 lunar day will be positive and will be ideal for meticulous work that requires attention and perseverance.

Magnetic storms: 7 number of meteorologists do not predict perturbations in the Sun. However, 8 the number of the solar wind reach the magnetosphere of the Earth, so Sunday weather-sensitive people may feel the first symptoms of illness. Use proven tools to improve your condition.

Holidays for today: 7 January Orthodox believers celebrate Christmas. On this day people attend Church and have a very special dinner in the family circle.

What is good today:
spiritual growth;
financial activities;
active guests.
What is harmful:
conflict situations;
the beginning of a new global Affairs;
neglect of health;
anger and aggression;
Finance and career today

On Sunday most people have off, but anyone planning to do business, has all the chances to succeed in what you planned. Under the influence of Virgo escalates the sense of responsibility, so it is much easier it becomes to focus on their duties. On this day, astrologers recommend to conclude the business, engage in trade and procurement work. Good will be promoted and financial activities. You can safely invest in real estate, and to replenish the Bank account. It is desirable to work in solitude. Waning Moon affects the emotions that might cause confusion in the team.

Closet on Sunday

To this day characteristic unhurried stability. This situation helps to focus on the business of life, and therefore choose clothes that will not cut the eye its color. Shades of blue from light blue to intense dark will give you confidence, and the green color will help to be heard in the case of meetings and conferences. Those who do not plan to do business, you should pay attention to the everyday clothing of natural fabrics. From decorations you can use jewelry and silver jewelry that will highlight your charm.

Chores according to the lunar calendar

Sunday is traditionally the day of rest. The influence of the Sun, patron this day gives the space of positive pulses, so the day promises to be active and alert. At home you can do cleaning and cooking. But if you were planning to break from the routine, feel free to go for a walk with friends. Actively spent time, will help to increase body tone and energizing, necessary for the conduct of Affairs on Monday.

Health and emotions in the 20th lunar day

In terms of health today is a good time for active physical exercise. Keep yourself in shape, visiting the gym, the pool or engaging in self home. Weather-sensitive people the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend to pay attention to how you feel. Approaching a disturbance on the Sun can trigger headaches. After spending the day actively, you not only improve your health but also lift your mood.

Love and relationships January 7

The waning phase of the moon takes strength, but still sufficient for action on the personal front. Today is the perfect time for bringing together partners, finding new love and true confessions. Do not miss the opportunity to spend time with your loved one.

Business relationships today can be a tense situation. Can arise quarrels and conflicts because of people’s desire to spend time in solitude and focus on their responsibilities. Avoid contact with aggressive people and use the day for independent work.

Every day will be filled with joy if you start to attract into your life positive thoughts. Remember that emotions depends on many things, and to succeed in life you will be smiling and in high spirits.