Moon day today, 30 October 2017

Lunar energy is unimaginably strong, because the Moon is from us at a fairly small distance. Astrologers advise not to neglect the teachings of the lunar calendar, if you don’t want to fail.

Continue to the end and start a new one will help you maximum relaxation. To calm nerves, relieve stress — this is the primary task of any human being today. Of course, this is not so easy, given the constant UPS and downs, confusions and problems. You will succeed, because today’s the day when everything moves easily and smoothly.

Moon phase: 11 and 12 lunar day will be held under the auspices of the Fish. It will be a good day, because the energy of the stars and the waxing moon will be well combined. These days you can devote almost all cases.

Magnetic storms of 30 October: in the next couple of days specialists in solar activity was not observed flares. The absence of the solar wind means the calm of the Earth’s magnetosphere.

That will bring good luck for today:
physical activity;
Dating, romance;
rest, relaxation;
negotiations, business meetings;
saving money.
That could scare away a fortune in the 11th and 12th lunar days:
unnecessary doubts;
problems with mood;
the abrupt change of plans;
Home 30 Oct

Home is best not to sit, especially if you are not working for some reason. If too lazy to go to the gym, at home you can do exercise. A romantic date also will benefit if they are at home. Comfort is the most important thing today. Strive to get home quickly is not necessary, but if you were captured with your chores, try to obtain most of your stay at home.

What to wear today

Clothing should be pleasant not only for you but also for everyone who surrounds you. People can expect from any serious action. The red color is better to exclude, but blue fits perfectly. Because of possible problems with mood better to use a more green color. When choosing precious metal prefer silver or zirconium.

Finance, business and work according to the lunar calendar

Money in this day to earn or save only with common sense, will power, and if you follow the plans drawn up earlier. Make purchases only in accordance with the list. Do not act spontaneously, not to lose money in vain. It is better to save struggling. At work, more luck to those who are engaged in physical labor and not intellectual, although in the latter case, it is better to just spend the day negotiations. Subject to availability astrologers suggest how to relax.

Love and relationships in the 11th and 12th lunar days

This day is perfectly suited for love in all its manifestations, be it Dating, flirting, Dating, wedding and so on. Together today easier, so if you have a second half try not to fall into a state of complete detachment from the surrounding world. Those who have not yet found a loved one, better throw the bait from a distance — try to meet someone new in your social networks. Real meetings with strange people can disappoint you.

Mood and health on Monday

Your mood will only threaten the inconsistencies in the plans. You can do whatever your heart desires, but it should bring you pleasure. Strictly speaking, you need to be a little selfish. Better you now serve yourself, but then you will not have to deal with unnecessary problems. With regard to health, here too all is quiet.

On this day, many people will be able to get rid of loneliness and to succeed in business. Among the winners could easily be you. Try to radiate good, infecting them with others, that luck was with you.