Moon day today, 28th October 2017

Lunar energy can help in overcoming difficulties and give strength for activity. In the lunar calendar reflects all aspects of the impact of night light that will help you to choose the most favorable cases for each day.

Lunar energy has aroused interest since ancient times. People have learned to use it to achieve well-being, and with its help get rid of life’s problems. In the modern world the moon attach great importance to, and astrologers make predictions daily that everyone can benefit from the positive aspects of the day and put their dreams in life.

Moon phase: 14.39 in Moscow time 9 lunar day will change 10 lunar day. The waxing Moon is in the constellation of Aquarius. This day astrologers recommend to hold in a relaxed condition, so as not to provoke the conflict and not to succumb to various temptations. Rash decisions today can lead to negative consequences.

Magnetic storms: 28 October, the astrologers predict a weak perturbation of the Earth’s magnetosphere. This means that the solar wind may bring some trouble, weather-sensitive people. It is necessary to take timely measures to prevent the symptoms of distress.

Holidays for today: Orthodox Christians celebrate 28 Oct Dmitrievsky parental Saturday. Traditionally on this day to commemorate the dead relatives, performing prayers in churches and temples.

What is good today:
creative activity;
organizing and conducting various events;
the absence of conflict with the authorities;
education and application of acquired skills in practice;
the decision of questions with real estate;
spiritual growth;
the solution of the accumulated issues;
a positive attitude.
What is harmful:
conflict and anger;
laziness and unwillingness to work;
a disregard for the health;
Finance and career today

9 and 10 lunar days conditions are favorable for the family business. New ideas and projects proposed by family members under the impact of the growing energy of the moon can be the beginning of a new successful revolution in business. During this period, luck largely depends on the ability to compromise, collaborate and make informed decisions. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend to abandon risky cases that could lead to trouble in the business environment.

Saturday is under the influence of Saturn, which is responsible for managing and training. In this regard, everyone will have the opportunity to improve their financial situation through the intelligent application of new skills in practice. Successful this day will be learning a variety of information, training, and search for alternative ways of earning money. For example, turning a beloved hobby into a source of income.

Chores according to the lunar calendar

The moon rise boosts body energy, so on Saturday you can execute a lot of cases, not losing strength. However, the echoes of magnetic storms can interfere with your plans. Try to plan things with the breaks on full rest. Also on Saturday, the auspicious beginning will be travel or walk in the fresh air. Activity and good mood will help to cope with symptoms of distress, and enjoying the company of friends will not be easily bored and lazy.

Astrologers recommend the use of 9 and 10 lunar day as a start for new beginnings. This can be planning buy a new home, purchase, relocation or repair in your home. However beware make impulsive actions under the pressure of emotions. They can be incorrect and negatively affect your future.

Closet 28 Oct

The constellation of Aquarius inspires them with activity bordering on impulsiveness. To day was a positive, and your mood was radiant, choose bright yellow shades in clothes. They will warm you with memories of warm summer days and will help you focus on the positive things of life. To ward off negative thoughts and prevent conflict situations by using positive attitudes. The best talisman of the day is amber. Its products help to cope with diseases, and give people strength and perseverance.

Love and relationship in the 9th and 10th lunar days

Saturday is a great time for building personal relationships and family ties. Astrologers believe that marriages contracted in October 28, will be strong and filled with sincere feelings. The positive influence of the moon in these days are perfect for socializing, so single people will be easier to make new acquaintances, to find a soul mate or to confess his feelings.

In business communication today welcome benevolent attitude. However, it is not necessary to draw the attention of people working in government. This is the best day to spend with colleagues to complete accumulated of the case and to discuss a plan of action.

Health and emotions on Saturday

Astrologers recommend to coincide with the October 28 start of the cycle exercise, active exercise or casual sports. Toning the body will help to cope with symptoms of distress, and will overshadow the irritation and apathy. However, in medical terms today is quite a dangerous day. Under the influence of the waxing moon of the recovery is slower.

The day in a good mood, will help to perform a lot of scheduled events, summarize activities, and also as a start for active endeavors in the field of business. To the mood all day was upbeat, start every morning with a smile, care about people and selfless assistance to the needy.

Today can serve as a launching pad for many ambitious ideas and projects. Don’t forget about spiritual growth. In Dmitrievskaya Saturday Orthodox believers pray for the peace of the dead relatives, visit churches to offer prayers and spend time in a circle of close people.