Moon day today, 19 October 2017

The energy of the moon is quite changeable, so you need to keep track of the lunar calendar. Today there will be new Moon, so the day promises to be difficult.

From the astrological point of view day of the new Moon is significant. It helps people to see ourselves, to take stock and make new plans. The coming days will be unpredictable, energetically unstable and marked by the clash of opinions, attitudes and judgments. The morning you will be susceptible to negative emotions, you can hesitate, to feel the uncertainty, but still make an effort not to succumb to melancholy. It is in these days your thoughts determine the fate. Try to think outside the box, do not forget about positive thinking.

Moon phase: Oct 19, the night star will be in the Sign Libra. 29 lunar day will be replaced by 28 at 06:10 Moscow time. The moon will be critically weakened in the period of the new Moon in her brand new life, so today all we need to be careful, because the restructuring of the energy touches everyone without exception.

Magnetic storms: today with the Sun all is calm, the magnetic storm is expected.

That will bring good luck:
business cooperation;
positive thoughts;
attention and tolerance to close;
getting rid of bad habits;
making decisions based on intuition.
That will scare the luck:
deception and lies;
negative thoughts;
Chores according to the lunar calendar

Today you will have to repel the approaching apathy. Take defense, do not let yourself to inaction, despite fatigue and weakness. New Moon — the emergence of not only new life but also new opportunities, which is worth paying attention to. Trivia alert to follow the signs of destiny. Clean yourself from negativity — when it comes to energy at home. Let the energy flow to circulate freely in your apartment, and they will bring into your abode the harmony and well-being.

Today it is better not to start anything big, better do the necessary everyday chores. Do not start repairs, a General cleaning or a major relocation. Put global plans, giving preference to topical issues.

Finance and career Thursday

Mid-week in full swing, but the symbiosis of the New moon, and Libra will create unpredictable course of events. Can be easily confused attractive conditions with complicating life commitments. You will also be insecurity in their own abilities and possibilities that will sow one seed of doubt over the 29 lunar day.

Better today nothing and no one to fear, to abstract issues and past failures. It is important to keep the love of life, so that nothing interfered with optimism and hope to the future. But to get carried away with spending, whether spending on a hobby or investment in new projects to hasty ill-considered expenses for you to turn in material bondage.

Closet in 29 lunar day

Casual, casual or business style — the most successful options today. In choosing a color, stick to cool shades. According to the lunar calendar, the most favorable impact on your energy will have a purple color. On the day of the new Moon he will give you patience, briefness and fortune. It is the color of beginnings and growth, both internal and external. Moreover, in combination with Golden ornaments it will allow you to rely on intuition, strengthening it. Forget about the fact that the best defense is a good offense, this law does not work like many others.

Health and mood in new Moon

Today people will be affected by both negative emotions and positive. The mood in the first place will depend on what you do. If you have enough free time, pay attention to work, Hobbies and passions. Otherwise, the excess energy will find a way to birth within you a negative, which is not so easy to get rid of. So laziness should depart on the second plan the more you are interested in improving their own lives, the better for you.

The new moon is the time when all chronic disease make themselves known. It’s not the good news, however, deterioration of health could provide the stimulus to think about their health. Today will be a chance to get rid of many bad habits, thus the beginning of life with new sheet. Useful Wellness treatments, fasting and moderate exercise.

Love and relationships on October 19

The new Moon people will tend to impulsiveness and patience quickly runs out. So no need to check other people’s nerves to the test, to find out the relationship, provoking conflicts. Be attentive to friends and loved ones. Save a willingness to work together, because through the mutual support you can achieve much more than alone.

Privacy today is dangerous, so those who wanted or forced to be alone, astrologers recommend to find interesting activity for the evening. Don’t be afraid to meet and interact with the opposite sex. You will have a great time, even if you can’t find the second half.

Good luck today with someone who is able to see the world through the prism of optimism. During the new Moon, the ability to skip through all the negativity and keep positive thinking is very important. Remember that your thoughts are material. And all problems — only the steps leading you to perfection. Don’t be afraid to cross them.