Moon day today, 14 January 2018

Lunar calendar is your main helper for each day. Here you will find the advice of astrologers, to help you achieve your goals and find success. Thanks to your efforts and desire to get more out of life, you will be able to be at the peak of happiness.

Almost every day the Moon changes its position, and its transition from one constellation to another affects not only the energy of the moon, but also on our state. Each of us wants to realize their dreams, but sometimes it was the influence of the lunar disk does not allow us to get closer to your goal. Sometimes we can’t gain confidence and take an important step on the path to happiness, and for this reason to give up and continue to stand still. To avoid such unpleasant situations, you need every day to refer to the lunar calendar. With it, you will learn what days are most favorable for responsible actions and decisions.

The phase of the moon January 14: a Moon located in the constellation of Sagittarius. 27 lunar day — a good time to complete unfinished business and consideration of new plans. Today try not to make serious decisions, because under the influence of this Zodiac Sign you will not be able to think logically, and therefore, there is a risk of making a gross and irreparable mistake. 27 lunar day it is advisable to talk with representatives of the older generation and share with them their experiences. Life experience and wisdom of senior colleagues will help you to find a way out of any situation.

Magnetic storms in the 27 lunar day: today dangerous the Sun’s influence does not threaten you, but tomorrow is expected to be small magnetic fluctuations. Such phenomena should be prepared in advance, so avoid overwork and refrain from alcohol and junk food.

Holidays for today: 14 January, is traditionally celebrated the Old New year. This holiday appeared in 1918, in connection with the transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian. Celebration has its own customs, traditions and superstitions, which you can find on our website.

What today will bring good luck:
the completion of old cases;
summing up the interim results;
communication with loved ones;
easy work;
pastime outside the home.
That will scare off good luck on Sunday:
the adoption of hasty decisions;
quarrels and conflicts;
heavy physical exertion;
bad habits;
Finance and career at 27 lunar day

Despite the fact that the 27 lunar day will be dominated by positive energy, try to avoid hard mental and physical work. Sunday is under the auspices of the Sun — its influence will give you strength and extra energy that should be spent on active recreation. If today you are forced to spend time in the workplace, try not to overwork and approach to solving business issues creatively. Pay more attention to colleagues and superiors, suggest new ideas and not worry if they will perceive at once: your attempts to prove yourself over time, be sure to turn your success.

Sunday is the day to relax, and how will you spend your free time depends on you. The team dailyhoro.ru recommend you go shopping and buy any item, even if in everyday life it will not bring any benefit. The moon is in the constellation Sagittarius, and this Sign loves positive emotions and does not like to indulge in desires, even if they cost him a considerable amount.

The house and household chores, according to the lunar calendar

If after a hard week you have left hand at home, you can start cleaning. The influence of the zodiac of Sagittarius will help you to be creative, so if you want to rearrange the furniture in his house, today a good day. Getting rid of the dirt and unnecessary things, you will not only give comfort to your dwelling but will also clear the energy of your home.

What could be better than spending time with loved ones? Today you will be helpful to communicate with senior members of your family, as their experience will help you to find a way out of any situation. However, should not be neglected and socializing with friends. In the evening invite your friends for Sunday dinner and take in the atmosphere of fun and relaxed evening, because tomorrow is Monday and to start the week with new forces, you need a good rest.

Love and relationships Sunday

Due to the influence of the Sun, you will have a lot of internal energy that you can send to friends, and interact with the opposite sex. If you have already decided to pick a mate, take the first step and admit his feelings. Very often it is due to our not daring for a long time we can’t get rid of loneliness. The Union of the moon and Sagittarius will give you confidence, which means if you can overcome your shyness, we will gain his love.

Strong energy of the day can awaken in you the jealousy, envy and even aggression, so couples January 14, it is desirable to avoid conflicts, otherwise the breakup is inevitable. If you notice that your favorite person is upset about something, it is not necessary to show indifference: to the waning moon period people become more sensitive and, therefore, your partner may need your support and understanding.

Closet today

When you select the image today, get creative. On Sunday you will have the opportunity to relax from the strict work orders and wear your favorite clothes. Most importantly, she was not only beautiful but also convenient. Astrologers recommend to abandon the black clothes, but if you are going to a social event where your clothes should fit the classic style. One should not prefer too bright and appealing dresses so as not to provoke aggression from others. The priority will be bright and subtle colours, which will create within you the lightness and harmony.

Health and mood 14 Jan

During the winter cold the most important is to give due attention to its immune system. Send all forces on strengthening of the body: this will help you exercise. This time of year is especially popular for a ski, so that you not only ensure health for the whole winter, but will adjust its shape.

Maybe tomorrow we can expect a magnetic storm, so it is necessary to worry about its health. First and foremost, try not to overdo it, even if you have to work in full force. During this period you may experience fatigue and lack of energy, and therefore, any surge can cause severe stress and even depression. Try to give up bad habits, be sure to adjust your diet, refusing from fried and fatty foods. Consistent sleep is key to good health, so in the period of magnetic storms give him enough time.

During the waning moon, our emotional state may be unstable, and the reason for this is the weak energy of the moon. Try not to react to trivia, and most importantly, to avoid conflicts. Sometimes even the smallest differences can have a negative impact on our mood, thus depriving us of strength and energy.

At times everyone is faced with difficulties that are difficult to overcome. Following these simple tips, you can avoid problems and trouble, and in 2018, your life will change for the better. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru wish you happiness and success