Moon day today, 1 August 2017

Energy of each lunar day is unique. To the first day of August was productive and gave you a new opportunity, use the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

Energy today is favorable for communication and laying the Foundation for future accomplishments and victories. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru have gathered for you the basic information that will help you plan your business on the 1st of August and to spend the day as productively as possible. The ninth lunar day have to respect traditions, maintaining family values, positive communication with family members and close friends.

Moon phase: the moon rise continues in the zodiac constellation of Scorpio. 9 day of the moon promotes the growth of energy that should be spent on constructive activities.

Magnetic storms: meteorologists predict a quiet day. The Earth’s geomagnetic field would not be exposed to solar attacks, so the day will be safe for weather-sensitive people.

Holidays for today: Orthodox Christians celebrate the uncovering of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

That will bring good luck for today:
communication with relatives;
the maintenance of comfort;
moving, building a house;
travel and business trip;
learning from experience from the older generation;
trade and procurement;
spiritual growth.
What is harmful:
conflicts and quarrels;
inattention and selfishness;
neglect of duties.
Finance and career today

9 lunar day luck will be on the side of those who are engaged in their own business, especially family. This day will be the purchase, trade, attraction of sponsors and investors, closing deals and travel. A great day for any kind of endeavours.

It is a favorable time for the completion of a previously pending cases. With proper attention and skill well today will promote the activities related to calculations, signing contracts, and other serious documents. Astrologers do not recommend to go on about the emotions. Mars, the patron of Tuesday, gives energy strong-willed people who rely on persuasion.

Chores according to the lunar calendar

Tuesday will be a good restore order at home, a trip to relatives, and positive communication in the family. The energy of the day promotes the beginning of repair and construction, work in the garden. Astrologers recommend to devote their free time proper rest to avoid overexertion. Energy of stars and planets contributes to the maintenance of family traditions, mutual help on the farm, family reunification and recovery of lost connections.

Closet on Tuesday

Positive energy day involves the use of yellow, gold, orange and lilac shades in clothes. Will do things with patterns in the form of wavy lines or asymmetrical shapes. As accessories today fit jewelry with carnelian. It has safety features and protective of family well-being and happiness. Businessmen for success in business astrologers suggest to use black onyx.

Health and emotions 1 Aug

Today astrologers recommend starting exercises to maintain the body in good shape. The energy of the day has a positive effect on the physical condition and emotional background, so Tuesday should allocate time for a family hike in the woods or a short trip. Innovations concerning sports adopted this day will quickly become a habit.

Emotionally, today may be tempted to defend their point of view. That communication took place in a peaceful manner, you can use breathing exercises to bring feelings of harmony. A quarrel Tuesday undesirable: they will bring negative energy in family and in business relationships.

Love and relationship in the 9th lunar day

According to astrologers, the most auspicious day for the marriage, Frank confessions and convergence. Love energy will be at a high level, so those who are still not in a relationship, you can safely go in search of the second half.

In business communication the good fortune of people who are able to make compromises and concessions. Favorable time for mutually beneficial cooperation, all kinds of events. On Tuesday, positive communication with friends has a positive impact on emotional health, so to be alone is not worth it.

Today are particularly ancestral ties. It will be important to preserve and maintain family foundations, to communicate with the younger generation and pass on their knowledge to children.