Money talismans for the home

For many people a good salary — an important goal in life. Talismans will help you not only save your finances but also significantly increase them.

I’m sure many people, working from morning till evening, wondering how to earn more money and in no need. Of course, the efforts at work will help you to achieve your goal, however, should not be neglected and using talismans. Read the recommendations which have gathered for you the experts of the site dailyhoro.ru and learn how to make money is not slipping out of your hands, and your financial situation has improved.

Before you buy a mascot

First, let’s remember that if you decide to purchase the house money mascot, before it should be cleaned, repaired broken furniture, appliances and plumbing. After all the money I like to be neat and untidy apartment with broken things is unlikely to be similar to the dwelling of a rich man.

After that you need to get rid of old things because of the love of money spending, and on what to spend them as new things? Getting rid of junk, you will show that you are ready for a new life and to new purchases.

After that you can buy you the amulet and bring it into the house. But don’t forget to believe in his power, and the positive changes will not keep itself waiting long.

Charms to attract money

Money frog. A small three-toed frog with coin in mouth is one of the most effective talismans for the home. Money properties this frog was valued in Ancient China. According to Chinese beliefs, the Buddha himself made it a money talisman. People believe in its power and actively acquiring this collection in your home.

It is very important what material will be made frog. It is desirable that it was bronze or gold, but if it is not possible to acquire the talisman of such material, you may replace it with copper or clay frog.

Positioning the figure on the windowsill, face to the front door, on the bedside table or in the living room.

The Laughing Buddha (Hotei). This talisman, like owl, came to us from China and is very popular. Hotei or the laughing Buddha is not only a good lure for the money — it also attracts good luck and happiness. After all, in Eastern mythology, Hotei is one of the patron gods of happiness.

The laughing Buddha can be made of different materials: clay, wood or stone. Try not to buy the talisman, made of cheap or natural materials.

It is desirable to place the talisman in the South-East of your house or apartment, as this part is considered “money” direction. If you want to enhance the effect laughing Buddha, then in the morning, stroking his belly, then your financial situation will improve faster, and the current day will be successful.

Chinese coins with red ribbon are also one of the most powerful talismans to attract wealth. These coins have a strong energy that just attracts money. If you purchase coins separately, don’t forget self-tie them in red tape. Red is a symbol of luck and prosperity. This combination helps to increase the strength of the mascot and soon to achieve the desired result.

Coins should be placed in the South-East. The most suitable place for the talisman is a desktop. It is believed that your workplace is a cluster of energy of your business, and if you strengthen it, the results of your labor will bring you high income.

You may want to place this talisman in your wallet. The result will not change, but Chinese coins will protect you from unnecessary wastage.

Aquarium. Surely the lovers of aquarium fish were not even aware that he is a magnet for money. According to Eastern teachings, live fish bring happiness to our house. That is why many monasteries and energetically strong places tried to make a koi pond. To contain such a pond in the apartment impossible, but the aquarium can be bought in any store.

It is desirable to place in an aquarium with eight gold fish, symbolizing wealth, and one black, which symbolizes protection. As you already know, the best place for the aquarium will be the South-East of the apartment. Most importantly — do not forget to regularly wash it. Because remember, clean housing good for the money.

If one of the fish dies, do not consider it a bad omen — on the contrary, along with it takes away all troubles and misfortunes.

Money tree. Everyone has heard about the existence of the money tree. Unfortunately, bills don’t grow on it, but this tree will be a good magnet for money. You can also learn how to make this tree their own hands.

The best way to get money tree is not buying plants or seeds, and “theft”. If your home is surrounded by private houses, try to steal a twig or stalk your favorite tree in the most financially secure neighbors. In the absence of such opportunities may be asked to borrow you portion of the plant. Then plant a money tree at home. This method is most effective: if your tree was borrowed from the house of a rich man, then you not only will come wealth, but also grow.

Place the tree in the same way as previous mascots, in the South-East, and don’t forget to take care of him.

Can not doubt in the power of the money talisman. It’s no wonder our ancestors gave great importance to them and believed in them. But don’t forget about the power of labor. Work in conjunction with the power of the talismans will help you improve your financial situation and achieve goals. Good luck to you and your family