Money lunar calendar of November 2017

Most of the problems in our lives is due to lack of funds. The troubles at work and in business have a negative impact on mood, and financial loss we are deprived of stability.

Money lunar calendar will help you to properly allocate their strength in November and plan on buying. Money like precision, so don’t follow the emotions in matters relating to Finance. Be yourself, but don’t forget to look for ways to improve his personality. Financial luck will be with you throughout this month — you just pay more attention to important nuances.

1, 2, 3 November: start the month with a waxing moon in Aries. It will be dangerous days that impulsive people can go overboard. Most conflicts at work and in business happens these days. If you go for constructive ways and not destructive, then you will be able to stay afloat. Don’t go ahead — you will quickly stop the destruction and resistance from the companies. In those days, not like successful people. November 3 did best to relax everyone. Solitude will benefit you if you in recent past have been particularly successful in the financial arena.

4, Nov 5: the number 4 we are waiting for the full Moon in Taurus. The climax of the entire month will have it finished, so on Saturday the 4th of is better to plan financial Affairs, and not to solve them. Buying is also better not to commit on Saturday because you may regret your decisions.

Sunday — the first day of the waning moon — you will find a great fortune in money matters. Numbers like these days full order. Follow what you heart says, but don’t break promises made to myself earlier. This is a great time to sign papers for the new business agreements and for collective work.

6, 7 November: waning Moon and Gemini — the perfect combination for anyone involved in sales and purchases active. These two days will be very successful for the representatives of the trade professions who need to communicate with customers. Also lucky teachers, doctors. Try to put yourself in the place of another person in order to assess his needs, to understand it. This is the key to new friendships, new possibilities, new discoveries in the field of Finance and business.

8, 9 November: Cancer in the 20th and 21st lunar day is very useful because is very harmonious with the Moon. These two days will give birth to new ambitions, new desires. You will need often to listen to the voice of your heart, not mind. Intuition will be heightened, so to solve troubles and conflicts will be much easier normal. Life financial will become very important for most people. The main advice of astrologers for the two days — be yourself.

10, Nov 11: the waning Moon and the lion — not the most harmonious Union. On Friday and Saturday astrologers advise you to do things homemade, abstracted from the work as much as possible. Change the atmosphere in those days, clearing the mind of all superfluous and unnecessary. Cover yourself from unnecessary worries, spend some money on myself. On the evening of the 11th you can enjoy planning for the future.

12, 13 November: Virgo and the waning Moon is a very stable Union, which always brings more fortunes than misfortunes. It will be a great period to work, not only in solitude but also in the team. A little more attention to detail will do you good. Follow the money signs and the signs of destiny.

14, Nov 15: the Scales will be replaced by Virgo, so you have to relax properly. Work in these two days over their thoughts, because they are very important for attracting money and every other good luck. These days will be extremely positive and productive for the representatives of creative professions. Dedicate these days to find new Hobbies.

16, 17, 18 November: three days of patronage Scorpion will end with the new Moon. The first day will be an incredibly powerful in its strength and creative beginning. You will be able to complete all the most important things, as well as to determine the direction of their own development. The main thing is the spiritual power in those days, and also a good physical condition and vivacity. Any ambitions will not help. Wait for help from someone is too. The second day will be more difficult, because Scorpio will loose the thread connecting him to the Moon. It’s the last day before the new Moon — it is always difficult. 18 — new Moon. The long-awaited update of energy will be successful for most people. This day will be very simple and straightforward. Fate and the universe will not make you puzzles.

19, 20 November: the beginning of the growth of the moon will fall on the activity of Sagittarius. The presence of the moon under the auspices of this constellation will make the first day very positive for those who are not accustomed to sit still. The most dynamic and active people achieve great success in the financial arena. Market better relationship in this day to build on the moderate aggression. The second day, October 20 is the day of introspection and analysis of his past mistakes. In this day you need to focus on to become better.

21, 22 and 23 of November: growing Moon and Capricorn go well together. 22 and 23, the number will be stable in terms of financial fortune. Things will go well but will have to make some effort on themselves. Just so nothing will go in your hands. Something will have to sacrifice for success. November 21, on the contrary, you should adhere to their standard rules and morals, because the universe will not tolerate any change in the plans. Follow this day-by-intuition.

24, 25 November: Aquarius will make these two the best day for the entire month. It is not that the Moon is combined with the energy of Aquarius, and that this harmony will take place for a very long time. You just need to get into a rhythm on 24 November, and then everything will go like clockwork. Saturday would be better to work, because it is the perfect time to waste is a luxury. Earn money it will be possible in many different ways, but the choice of path is yours.

26, 27 and 28 November: the Moon in Pisces will be your curse and a lucky charm at the same time. Fish equally help and hinder the people, diverting them from the real world into a fantasy world. The last day of the trio will be very productive for those working in the field of art. Creative people will be easier to solve problems at work. Financial success is assured to those who first thinks and then does. Do not risk in vain — adventure now not good.

On 29 and 30 November: Aries is back in operation. When the Moon is Aries only worsens the situation in the financial sector. In this period of time you are likely to commit the act, which will regret in the future. Follow all possible rules, in order not to lose money and the respect of your colleagues, friends, bosses.

Use money affirmations to establish a connection with the center of abundance of the Universe. He helps us only when we believe in her help and do everything possible to succeed themselves. Work on your thoughts, because they generate owl that create events. Luck be with you.