Mom Stephanie Malikova enters into a dialogue with the haters daughter

Life the daughter of the singer Dmitry Malikov – Stephanie – interesting lot. At least in the social network Instagram is the amount equal to 500 thousand people. Most of the subscribers Stefania admire her, praise her style, ability to present itself etc. But there are those who sends in the address Stesi exclusively negative comments.

Earlier in an interview with the girl’s father admitted that it actively monitors what is happening on the page daughter. The same work is done and her mother Elena Malikova. Sometimes Elena is hard to resist not to respond to haters and then she enters into a dialogue with them.

“Recently, Evelina khromtchenko said to me, “Stesha herself has a blog or someone’s been helping her?” Saying: “She leads us with Dima not let go. But I really read all the comments. And when my nerves are going crazy because of the vicious statements and I respond to these “writers,” Stesha says: “I do Not need sleek pages, let the people speak! Maybe they have nowhere else”, — told Elena.

She also Stephanie got used to the fact that it may sound like praise and reproach, therefore prefers not to respond to any statements.

Source: cosmo.ru
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