Mom Dana Borisova rescues her from drug addiction

Talk show “Let them talk” is a platform where their problems can tell you how an ordinary resident and a representative of the so-called secular society.

Recently Andrei Malakhov, host of the program, said the mother of one of the most famous blondes of the country – Dana Borisova. Ekaterina Ivanovna came to the program as it considers it the last resort, is able to help her daughter to talk some sense into Dana and to get through to her. Says Katherine, her daughter, ex-host of “Army shop”, addicted to narcotic substances.

Katherine admitted that he feared for the lives and health of not only daughters but also granddaughters, 10-year-old Pauline. “My mother is in a dark room collapsed tube denyuzhku, sprinkled with white powder, but I don’t understand why they are on some sort of plastic card” — remember the words of Pauline Katherine. — After all, Pauline, besides me, no one can share”.

According to Ekaterina Ivanovna, that her daughter paid attention to drugs, guilty of her former PR Director Tim Brick, which, in fact, offered them to Dan.

It is important to note that the very Borisov does not recognize the existence of any problems. Dana said that her strange condition related to an eating disorder, which she tries to get rid of the therapist.



Source: starhit.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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