Mom Beyonce told how pregnancy occurs daughter

Twins one of the most popular musical families in the world — beyoncé and Jay Z will soon appear on the light. Now to a pair of chained lot of attention, but despite this, the press can contact the couple not going. Say to them “close to them informants”, as well as parents. So, for example, recently spoke with journalists Tina Knowles. Mom Beyonce admitted that her daughter is now not in the most comfortable position. Tina said that the second pregnancy her daughter was not so easy as the first, therefore there are some problems.

However, this does not prevent the singer to enjoy this wonderful period and wait for kids to light: “of Course, there is a slight difference from what it was when the light appeared blue ivy. She harder than before, but she glows with happiness, for she is two of them”.

Tina Knowles says that now the children for a couple are in the first place, because they (Beyonce and Jay-Z) had to abandon secular life in order not to harm the twins. In this regard, most likely, the pair will not appear at the annual gala ball costume Institute Met Gala. The reason is simple – in the last months of pregnancy can’t fly. And given that, what size now belly Beyonce, for her visits to such events will be extremely uncomfortable.

We will remind that now in the house of the couple are repairs. Beyonce and Jay-Z a little re-planned the space of the estate, allocating enough space for the twins. Last week, the couple was faced with such a nuisance as mold.

As it turned out, Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to check your home for safety and was shocked when a visiting inspector found mold in the house. Celebrities immediately Packed his belongings and left the house for processing. Now they live temporarily in a luxury hotel next to the house. Insiders report that there they will stay until the birth of the singer: “beyoncé was very scared that the mold can affect her unborn children.”

Source: elle.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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