Model from Penza, the owner of the longest legs on the planet

Model Ekaterina Lisina from Penza recently became twice champion of the Guinness Book. It is the highest growth among women and the longest legs in the world.


Until now, the former basketball player didn’t know about this kind of records. Now they help her to make a career on the other, the modeling field. Began climbing from a record of participation in the Russian competition. In January 2017, Katya has a certificate stating that she is the tallest woman in the country. And recently she was informed that she had already broken world records. With an increase of 205, 74 centimeters long and 133 feet in centimeters Lisin became the champion of the record Books Gines.

The model with optimism have reacted to the new trophies. Thanks to them it became popular in the media, and therefore will increase her popularity and modeling agencies. They say that during an interview for British show her interviewers were forced to use a ladder.

And while the record does not expect a life of great change. The highest model of the world lives modestly with his son in a private house in Masty district.