Mistress Boris Nemtsov threw a tantrum on “Let them talk”

Catherine iftode known as the mistress of the late of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, scandal on a talk show “Let them talk”. The incident occurred after the woman learned of the existence of another passion the victim’s assassinations.


New guest of a popular talk-show of First channel “Let speak” has become Catherine iftode, who gave birth to an illegitimate child by the late opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. In broadcast TV the woman told how hard it was to win a legal case for the recognition of the baby son of the murdered politician. For two and a half years, iftode begged relatives Nemtsov to provide biological material of the victim’s assassinations. To reach the truth the mistress of the opposition helped the traces of blood found at the murder scene. According to Iftodi, she had a great relationship with Boris Nemtsov, despite his reluctance to accept the child. “He didn’t want to harm their reputation,” quoted, iftode domestic media.

On the show “Let them talk” came another lover of the late politician. Seeing her, Catherine iftode stood up and with tears in his eyes left the air.