“Miss boom-boom” copied racy photos Kardashian champagne – 24???

Participant Brazilian beauty contest “Miss boom-boom” repeated Pratt Andress candid photo shoot Kim Kardashian with champagne. Fans Praty think her pictures came out “better than the original”.

Andress Prata | imgur.com

Andress Prata believe it is identical to Kardashian the parameters of the waist and hips. She repeated a candid photo shoot of Kim Kardashian for Paper Magazine in which the presenter posed naked and with a glass on the buttocks.

The users appreciated the excellent shape Prati, considering that in this photo shoot she is left no worse than a Kardashian.

“A million times better”, “Super sexy”, “Impossible beautiful” – write enthusiastic Instagram fans Praty.

Recall that the contest “Miss boom-Boom”, held annually in Brazil, the jury selects the winner of the most taut buttocks. In 2017 Prata intends to win the respective competition.