Miranda Kerr showed her engagement ring

Model Miranda Kerr, ex-wife of Hollywood actor Orlando bloom and mother of his son Finn is preparing for the second time to marry. Elect her is known. is an Australian billionaire Evan Spiegel, whom she meets for more than a year. The proof of its serious intentions, the star of the catwalks demonstrated on his page on the social network Snapchat.

Miranda posted a selfie in which she is depicted with a wreath of butterflies on the head and on the ring finger of the hand, 100% specially outside the frame, there is a ring with a large stone. Journalists have called in an expert-jeweler, who calculated that such a ring can cost about 55 thousand dollars.

Recall that the stumbling block the couple became a marriage contract, which, according to insiders, shocked model. But the rich and famous know the value of yourself and your financial situation, and Kerr had to accept and sign the document. She is not a poor woman, so that in the event of a divorce (hope it won’t happen) will be able to feed itself.
Recall that the proposal of marriage, the model received 20 July, about happily said subscribers in the social network.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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