Miranda Kerr criticized because of statements her fiancé Evan Spiegel

Australian model Miranda Kerr went to the nuts because of careless statements of the founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel, her fiancé. The scandal began after the former employee said that the statistics of the application – rigged, and besides, the company uses the private data of its users. Anthony Pompliano was the name of a former employee, also quoted the words of der Spiegel, said during the meeting. Evan said that he believes Spain and India “poor countries”.

During the meeting, Evan said that the app will not progress in the above mentioned countries due to their poverty.
“Our app is designed for wealthy people, and we won’t expand it in such poor countries as India and Spain” — quoted Evan Pompliano.
Statement Anthony had the effect of exploding bombs – the people of India reacted harshly to the statement of Spiegel and called it offensive, and began deliberately to understate the rating in the App Store. Now instead of five stars app priced one. Miranda Kerr also threw a words of indignation, although it would seem, at what here a model. Now indignant demand on her page on Instagram to her fiance made a public apology. Spain did not intervene in the conflict and decided to remain neutral.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com
Photo: https://www.buzzfeed.com

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