Mila kunis admitted that the child changed her priorities in life

Promotion of the new film with Mila kunis called “bad mommy” contributed to the fact that the actress spoke about how she relates to motherhood, how much the new status changed it and what sacrifices she went for the happiness of his family.

Thus, 33-year-old wife of Ashton Kutcher has admitted that now she is more carefully refers to the selection of new roles, since more often weights is a new movie and her little daughter Wyatt Isabelle, “I never was a person for whom the work in the first place,” says kunis. — Although family is everything to me, I agree on interesting projects, especially this one, because it is close to me, he talks about the problems of the modern mom, with whom I encounter. I more carefully selected roles. The time I could spend with the child, I will spend on this project, is it worth it?”

Kunis admitted that the change of priorities has affected a family with Ashton Kutcher. After all, before Mila completely without straining, and without hesitation was able to work around the clock: “I had nothing to lose when I was twenty. I worked 24 hours, seven days a week, traveling around the world. I simply was not at home, where I wanted to go back. Now has a home, a family.”

Daughter changed Mila also mental: “After giving birth I became more confident, but I’m not selfish, I have appeared in my life priorities. I consciously chose to take this step, I wanted a child, I did not bring my life to sacrifice children.”

Recall that kunis is now pregnant with a second baby. For the first time parents Mila and Ashton began in October 2014.

Source: kp.ru

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