Mikhail Zadornov today, news on September 7: what is the state of health of the satirist

Many people concerned about reports on the health status of many people favorite humorist Mikhail Zadornov. It is known that the writer is already almost a year struggling with inoperable cancer of the brain.
It is already a very long time about the health of the satirist, there are no official reports. Recently many media reported comments by singer and State Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon, in which he touched on the subject of health Zadornov.

Journalists asked Joseph Davidovich to comment on the publication on the website of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”. On the resource explained cancer Kobzon and Zadornov with their attitude to the new government in Ukraine. Recall that Kobzon at the time, managed to defeat the disease. In his interview, the singer said: “Yes – he’s dying. Die talented artist.”

It should be noted that in some Internet users accused the Deputy that he told about the private life of the satirist. At this time, neither the Council, nor his family and representatives do not communicate on this subject with the media.

We will remind, according to media reports, Mikhail Zadornov is suffering from brain cancer. Some time ago the doctors refused to continue treatment satirist, saying that all efforts are useless. Zadornov himself the rumors about his health has not commented.

July 21, Mikhail Zadornov celebrated 69 years old. In 2016, the writer was diagnosed with brain cancer. To be treated he left to Germany. There he has conducted the necessary procedures, including chemotherapy. Now he is in rehab.