Mikhail Zadornov today: health, latest news

Famous Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov, as follows from the latest news, is now in an extremely difficult position. The fact that the battle with cancer, which he has done for several years, does not bring the desired effect.

In the close environment Zadornov prefer not to comment on his current condition. But the singer Iosif Kobzon unequivocal about the health of the satirist – he acknowledged that Zadornov is on the verge of life and death. It turned out that all the efforts of doctors did not bring the desired effect and now the artist has to rely only on destiny.

We will remind, according to media reports, Mikhail Zadornov is suffering from brain cancer. Some time ago the doctors refused to continue treatment satirist, saying that all efforts are useless. Zadornov himself the rumors about his health has not commented.

July 21, Mikhail Zadornov celebrated 69 years old. In 2016, the writer was diagnosed with brain cancer. To be treated he left to Germany. There he has conducted the necessary procedures, including chemotherapy. Soon, there is evidence that the satirist refused conventional treatment and decided to try to restore health to the Altai, where he volunteered to help the local shamans.

Admirers Zadornov try to keep the comedian, leaving him on the page of funny videos and pictures, because I think that laughter is the best medicine. Comedian sincerely thanked fans for the concern and promises to soon return to the stage.