Mikhail Zadornov, the news today, August 9, 2017: how is the treatment of cancer

The famous Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov continues treatment for brain cancer. On the Internet there is still no official information about this, as the satirist prefers not to put the healing process and your current well-being in open access.

At the moment, from unofficial sources, there were reports that Zadornov already had received chemotherapy, but did the satirist’s treatment is not entirely clear. According to some, as the writer has only worsened. He Zadornov told that he is not as much as he wanted, despite active treatment. Apparently, we are talking about some complications in the health of the satirist, who often are the place to be in the case of oncological diseases.

In 2016, Zadornov was diagnosed with cancer of the brain, he was operated on in Germany, where he underwent chemotherapy. Now he is in rehab, and, according to friend, actor Vladimir of Head, not in the Baltic States, and in the suburbs. But soon going to the Altai, told the newspaper close to the satirist. Here he plans to rely on those methods of treatment which are practiced by local shamans. However, officially, these data have not been confirmed.

According to the source, Zadornov explains that traditional medicine at some stage helped him. But now it is more appropriate “rehabilitation of a different kind”.

Fans earnestly hope for the speedy recovery of Zadornov, which they lack in the creative life. After several months Mikhail Zadornov is not acting publicly.