Mikhail Zadornov, the latest news today, July 31: how is the treatment of cancer

Famous Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov, who doctors have diagnosed in the form of cancer, continues to receive professional help from specialists. Fresh information about what the condition Zadornov, yet.

Not so long ago the Internet leaked information about what the disease is detected at the satirist, was incurable. Supposedly, the doctors refused to continue treatment because they recognized their impotence. However, this assertion was not supported by the relatives of Zadornov.

In fact, Mikhail Zadornov feels fine. Talk about a marked deterioration in his health is not necessary. However, in the close environment of the artist try to refrain from detailed comments that creates fertile ground for rumors.

Meanwhile, it became known yesterday that Zadornov is going to visit shaman of the village in the Altai. He hopes that the clean mountain air, herbs, meditation and sounds of shamanic drums to help him overcome the disease.

According to the source, Zadornov explains that traditional medicine at some stage helped him. But now it is more appropriate “rehabilitation of a different kind”.

July 21, Mikhail Zadornov celebrated 69 years old. In 2016, the writer was diagnosed with brain cancer. To be treated he left to Germany. There he has conducted the necessary procedures, including chemotherapy. Now he is in rehab.