Mikhail Galustyan refuses to help his brother with work

The famous Russian comedian, club Manager and resident Comedy club Comedy Club, he is an actor and producer Mikhail Galustyan just made yourself and is not going to help the younger brother to David to break into the world capital of show business. Not that Galustyan is a senior and feel the competition, just the confessions of a celebrity, his brother “more subtle psychic structure”.

Michael and David’s father

In interview to one of editions Michael said that David had returned home in Sochi after several years spent backstage at the Comedy Club.
“Yet he had problems with employment – can not find a normal job. But he’s fine, he’s only thirty years. He comes up and writes a different fantasy scenarios told about the fate of his brother Michael. To their projects the elder brother younger to attract is not going to.
“Moscow is a huge city. full of experts here.. I can’t do a discount on relationship, not looking for quality!” — Michael said.

To transfer its responsibilities to the Director of the Sochi branch of the Federation military and tactical games Michael David is not going to also: believes that for such work it is necessary to have a sufficient level of organizational skills, and his brother “again creative.”
By the way, now for the broadcast is prepared a new project involving Michael and Anastasia Samburski. Leaked, of course, blah-blah-actress, who published their joint photo and signed it: “Preparing for a new project. Wanted through the bed, and the Armenian money demanded”. Any more details do not reveal, obviously, keep the suspense until the premiere.

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.eg.ru

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