Mikhail Boyarsky does not agree with the Ministry of health

According to the actor, smokers need to fight is “not money”

As we know, Mikhail Boyarsky and smokes a long time to abandon this addiction is not going to, he even became the leader of the Movement for the rights of smokers. In a small interview with RT, the actor expressed his opinion about the new anti-Smoking concept on the 2018-2022 years, which the Ministry of health has submitted to the Russian government.

To reduce the tobacco consumption of the country, doctors offer to increase the price of cigarettes. The measure boyar believes are absolutely ineffective.

“I, like, anyway, so as I smoked, smoke and will smoke, he said. When cheap cigarettes smoke, no fun, and expensive cigarettes — is another matter”.

Of course, it is clear that this is a joke, but it is truth — the increase in excise duties on alcohol, for example, have reduced the amount of its consumption.