Mikhail Boyarsky childhood doubted the talent of the daughter

Elizaveta Boyarskaya is now one of the most popular Actresses of Russia, but she did this not because of my stellar dad, but in spite of. It turns out, Elizabeth, if you had listened to parents ‘ instructions could be a media worker.

As admitted recently Michael Bojarsky, the fact that her daughter entered the theatre, he had already found out after the fact when I get back from a tour: “I already went to the University and agreed with the Tutors: I planned to give it to journalism. Then I went on tour, came back, it was already in the theater!”

Michael says that since childhood, the future of his daughter seemed to him quite ordinary, and promised nothing of what she has now: “when my daughter Lisa seemed like a completely mediocre person. At school she had eight Tutors in all subjects! Then she somehow learned three languages, engaged in plastic arts, learned to play the piano and flute. Worked very hard”.

By the way, when the boyar was in the theater, my dad’s using it to not count, since the father put the girl before the fact that the hand to its promotion I’ll never know: “I said I won’t lift a finger to help her. Lisa left at 7 am and come at 12 at night, and now the same thing. I always admired the fact that she does is she doesn’t have complexes.”

Source: dni.ru
Photo: Uznayvse.ru

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