Mickey Rourke again changed countenance and increase hair

He was one of the most attractive young actors in Hollywood, but now it’s hard to believe that this title belonged to him. 63-year-old Mickey Rourke can’t accept the fact that old age comes to every one, because trying to do everything to delay the process.

Recently Rourke again got into the lens paparazzi in the streets of Beverly hills and again shocked by their appearance.

Looking at the “updated” Mickey hard to believe that this man conquered the hearts of millions.

Disappointing conclusion suggests itself — again Mickey obviously did something with the face, the nose took on a new form, and his eyes almost could not see — the actor was a bit swollen.

Changes undergone and the star hairstyle “Wild orchids”: ‘rourke recently published in the white wig, and his hair became more and more elaborate — apparently, he became acquainted with such procedures as hair extensions.

By the way, their appearance, Rourke seems to have been satisfied. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the fact that the actor was not hiding from photographers and not tried to hide in the car, on the contrary, Rourke seemed to pose for the paparazzi, showed themselves updated.

Fans insist that Mickey’s time to stop experimenting with his looks, because surgical intervention in the face he not only makes himself better, today he made sure that his face went funny and lost every contour.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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