Michelle Williams spoke about the impact of the tabloids on her life

36-year-old actress Michelle Williams is the mother of the only daughter of the dearly departed actor Heath Ledger Matilda. Because during the life of the star of “Brokeback mountain” was the centre of attention, Heath is rightly considered one of the most talented actors of the new generation, it is not surprising that after his death, fans and journalists interested in what he left behind.

From time to time the tabloids write about the changes in the life of Michelle Williams and Matilda, but as they say the actress, from such attention from the media to enjoy life is extremely problematic.

“If you feel that people are watching you, then enjoy a normal life becomes almost impossible, – said Williams. — Performativity and the constant closeness of death like. I don’t know how anyone can think such a life is normal, and can’t imagine how will my child to live such a life.”

Of course, drive yourself in a certain frame, it might be a solution, but not for Michelle: “to Delineate the boundaries around you – for me it is not very natural. But now I have set some boundaries, which I was quite happy. I feel less emotionally receptive and not trying to come up with explanations for absolutely everything.”

Source: vistanews.ru
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