Michael sheen movies with him starring

Michael sheen movies with him starring

The picture is loosely based on a graphic novel based on real events.

Michael sheen and put the leads in the film Green River Killer. He also wrote the script of the Thriller.

The picture is based on the eponymous graphic novel by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan case.

Michael reincarnate into a serial killer Gary Ridgway, who in 2003 pleaded guilty to 48 murders in 1980-1990. He managed to avoid death penalty in exchange for information on where to find the bodies of the victims.

The novel is based on real events that occurred with father Jensen. Detective Tom Jensen for many years hunted maniac. After Gary was in custody, the Minister of law and order within 180 days trying to ferret out the secrets of a killer.

The timing of the project were not disclosed.


Source and photo: thr.ru