MIA came to the defense of “Matilda”

September 14 — information Agency “news”. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has promised to ensure the safety of movie theatres and rental organizations that have agreed to show the acclaimed film “Matilda”. This is stated in the official statement, received news Agency “news”.

In connection with increased public attention to the release of the film “Matilda”, in order to ensure the safety of spectators, to prevent the possible provocations territorial bodies of the MIA of Russia is aimed at promoting rental organizations, Executive authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and bodies of local self-government in matters of protection of a public order in places of demonstration of the film — said in a statement.

Additional measures for the protection of order, buildings and property of the film distribution companies will be developed by the territorial authorities depending on the operational environment.

Earlier, some large cinema chain refused to hire a controversial film because of the alleged coming to them they are threats from various “Christian” organizations.

The premiere of the film by Alexei Uchitel will be held on October 26.