Meryl Streep wants to appear in the sequel to “the Devil wears Prada”

One of the most frequently nominated Actresses for the prestigious Academy award Meryl Streep in a recent interview admitted that she was interested to see the sequel to one of kinoistoriya in which she participated.

The Hollywood star said it was ready for the shooting of the sequel to “the Devil wears Prada”. However, to ensure that we still saw the actress in the sequel, must be fulfilled one condition – the script of the film should be interesting, unusual and exciting.

“Everything will depend on the scenario… If someone had enough imagination and humor to create interesting stories – Yes, of course I will be doing a sequel,” said Strip.

We will remind, “the Devil wears Prada” — a Comedy drama directed by David Frenkel on the eponymous book by Lauren Weisberger, which tells about a young girl who got a job in one of the most influential fashion magazines. The film was released in U.S. June 30, 2006. The film attracted the attention, among other things, that, according to critics, a prototype of one of the main characters was Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine, known for its tough management style. The film is one of the Champions for the costs of suits, which amounted to about a million dollars.

Worldwide, the movie earned in hire more than $300 million by the end of 2006 included the top 20 most successful in the United States and in other countries. The film became the second in “profitability” in the career of Meryl Streep (after the movie “Mamma MIA!”) and most profitable for Anne Hathaway at that time (to “Alice in Wonderland”).

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: spletnik.ru

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