Merezhko said the “nefarious history” of fighting for APU actor Pashinin

Victor Merezhko has long been familiar with Anatoliy Malininym, which is now Ukraine is fighting “for the buzz” against the militia DND. The Director announced that the actor will shoot.


Merezhko said he has long been familiar with Malininym and remembers his student days when he came to him to audition.

At the same time, the Director said, Pashinin never said that he was born in the Ukraine. When asked him about it, he reported that hails from the Far East, to the present time, many believed that indeed it is.

Victor Merezhko told reporters that he considered himself a mentor pashinina did not expect that after the execution of the role of Russian patriots, in fact, betrayed the Russian people. All this, added the Director, will end tragically, he just shoot.

Also Merezhko said that Pashinin was always narrow-minded, frivolous and foolish, that is a little stupid in all senses. The actor played a lot of short, random novels, passing them off as serious.

Once, said Victor Merezhko, Pashinin tactlessly asked him for another girl of his fifteen thousand rubles, explaining that he has no money, and received a refusal.

Then Merezhko four years ago I met the actor in the Peregrine, where he announced that he intends to marry the daughter of a film Director from St. Petersburg.

And after that, continued Merezhko, has happened, which the Director described as vile and ugly.