Mercury retrograde in August of 2017: what can I do and what is not

Retrograde planets due to their slow speed compared to other space objects. At such times, astrologers recommend to pay attention to health, activity and condition of the organism as a whole.

Mercury retrograde in 2017 will be from August 12. This planet is responsible for intellectual abilities, contacts, speech, receipt and assimilation of new information, kinship and business ties, trade relations, so all this will be much slower than usual. In connection with this state of Affairs, astrologers have identified cases that will be unsuccessful, and favorable activities.

What you can do with mercury retrograde

To begin restoring the previously lost contacts both in business and in personal life.
Terminate the current operation and to direct the efforts to finalise the work in correcting the shortcomings.
Repair any products (whether a car or a blender).
To restore order in the documentation, dismantling the backlog of paper and sorting them by importance, categories and other aspects.
Not to refuse dates and meetings with people you have not seen. Retrograde mercury are frequent meetings of people who had not seen for a long period of time.
The consolidation of previously obtained information. Particularly successful it will be for people who are studying in secondary and higher institutions.
Start to think about new ideas and plans that you can begin to implement after the planet will begin its normal course.
What not to do during mercury retrograde
Don’t rush the natural course of events. The retrograde when frequently complicated cases related to business and trade. Astrologers are encouraged to perceive the obstacles encountered calmly, without excessive nervousness.
During this period, a frequent phenomenon is the rupture of a business relationship, so be prepared to wait out the period in which you can diminished the number of investors, partners or buyers.

We postpone any serious negotiations and important business meetings. If this is not possible, be extremely vigilant to avoid mistakes and miscalculations. Any mistake in the future can result in huge work aimed at the correction of errors and inaccuracies.
Pay close attention to the finances. In the period of a retrograde planet are more frequent the delays, the confusion in calculations and estimates.
Do not take crucial decisions that may change when the movement of the planet will once again be direct: marriage, buying property, changing jobs, buying expensive items, moving and travel for a long time. Mercury in its position inhibits any undertaking.
Do not start a new study (this does not apply additional knowledge to already existing courses).
Do not use this time for active “consumption” of new information. In this difficult period increases the likelihood of fraud and false information.
Do not start arguments, because the consequences can be dire, up to rupture of relations.
Follow the traffic rules, and better use of public transport, to avoid trouble.
Not recruit new employees and do not take new clients.

Specific influence of mercury retrograde will have on members of the Zodiac Gemini and Virgo. In order for such a difficult period as comfortable as possible, astrologers recommend the use of positive affirmations, to comply with the order of the day, and in any case not to rush things. This period carries special risk if you are not going to start anything new and unknown, and continue established activities.