Member of the “Quartet” celebrated its 45th anniversary in the company.

Six months later, after a divorce, the Member of the “Quartet And” Leonid Baratz found his new love. The famous actor recently celebrated its 45th anniversary in the company of a new lover – the inhabitant of Odessa by the name of Anna Moses.

In celebration of the birthday, which he was noted in one of the Moscow restaurants, came, as colleagues Baraza on the “Quartet” and other celebrity – Natalia ionov, Maksim Vitorgan Ksenia Sobchak, Vasily Utkin and others. In total there were about thirty, and they partied until three o’clock in the morning – went to meet the wishes of the birthday boy.
During the feast, Leonid and then hugged and kissed his companion.
“This girl gave me a huge amount of emotion, the whole spectrum. That’s what we drink! I am grateful to her – it’s a fact” — said toast Baratz.
About the new companion Leonid is little known: Anna was born and raised in Odessa, behind her a failed marriage and a son she is raising alone.
Recall that with his former wife Anna Kasatkina, Leonid divorced last year. They had been married for nearly 25 years.

Source: http://dni.ru
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