Melanie Griffith talked about life after divorce with Antonio Banderas and waiting for grandchildren

Even in his 58 years, Melanie Griffith is able to surprise. That only is yesterday’s appearance of the actress on the receiving channel Hallmark Channel in a private Villa in Beverly hills.

For the release of actos chose a very provocative dress, through which shines the body and underwear.

People around me were amazed at such courage.

Of course, Melanie talked to the journalists who answered questions about her marriage with Antonio Banderas and divorce, which the couple formalized last year.

“For me, it’s time to look inside yourself. This is a very interesting period. Now I feel very contradictory — free, but also lonely. I bored and at the same time very curious what this new state. I like a chick fallen from its nest,” said Griffith. By the way, the alone actress is also related to the fact that soon the house will go to her youngest child – daughter, Stella: “All my children have grown up lovely people, so for them I am calm. Life does not stand still — that’s my youngest, Stella, is already beginning its own way. She moved out of the house, as got a place in the Dorm in College. The house doesn’t have any children.”

However, such a life change Melanie ready, because she’s sure will soon be a grandmother, so her house will again be filled with people and children’s laughter: “But the older children (30-year-old Alexander Bauer and 26-year-old Dakota Johnson, approx. ed.) have grown to a point when it’s time to start your own family, so soon I hope to be a grandmother — the house again filled with children’s laughter”.

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