Melanie Griffith boasted a gorgeous figure

In their 59 years Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith flashed a beautiful figure. On his page in the social network, the actress boasted the result of joint work with his fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson. Judging by the cubes of the Persians on a thin toned waist celebrity, it works on a very, very good.

Previously, Peterson was engaged in improving the figures of celebrities such as amber heard, Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Sylvester Stallone and other more or less famous stars, but Melanie takes it in the work schedule and the heart of a special place. On his page in the social network Gunnar praised Melanie and urged not to stop at this result.
“Work, work, work…”- advised Melanie fitness trainer.
Recently Melanie actually looks much better than in recent years. The woman little by little gets rid of fillers that made her face puffy and artificial, and as Courtney Cox, becomes like his former self.

Source: https://www.instagram.com
Photo: http://www.spletnik.ru

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