Melania trump was going to sue the offenders his son

A few days ago, the comedienne Rosie O’donnel inadvertently called the son of the new President of the United States of America “autistic” and stated that this is a great opportunity to draw attention to the problem of many families in which children with this disease. It is known that daughter Rosie last year was also diagnosed.

After winning Donald trump in the presidential election in a Network there was video with participation of his son, Baron, who seemed to many unhealthy boy. In fact, information about possible exposure to illness of the son of a Republican is nothing new and O’donnel only saying what many are silent.
It is not trying to make excuses Rosie, with a flurry of criticism she can not cope. Now she faces and the proceedings initiated by the mother of the Baron, the new first lady of the United States by Melania trump. She has already found it and forced him to apologize and remove the video.
“Video published on YouTube claims that Baron –autistic, but this is not true. And although in the video there is a hashtag # StopTheBullying, all video is one big mockery and a lie, speculation about the disease destileria child, created with the purpose to hurt him and his family. Baiting Baron trump needs to stop right now,” said Charles harder, a lawyer Melania trump, mother of the boy.
The author of the video also face criminal proceedings if he did not make a public apology and to delete the video which, incidentally, has already sold worldwide. James hunter, the author of the video has deleted the video and will shortly publish a public apology. By the way, the man said that did not aim to harm the child, the more I eat, and I myself was once diagnosed with that caused the ridicule of their peers.
“I would never do it with others. On the contrary, I wanted to stop people laughing at his odd behavior and began to treat this as a serious disease. I respect the family of the Trumps and didn’t want to hurt any of them,” said the author of the video.

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