Mel Gibson increased the amount of alimony ex-wife in exchange for housing

After the controversial completion of the long-running trial, during which the former lover of Hollywood actor Mel Gibson and mother of his daughter Lucia had lost huge sums of money blabbed that the actor beat her, it became known that the star of the tape “Braveheart” excessive and increased the amount of alimony to 30 thousand dollars a month. But it was not so easy.

As it became known, for such a salary, Oksana along with Lucy must leave the house of Chalk in Sherman oaks (Sherman Oaks) in which the mother and daughter lived all this time. Insiders claim that a huge mansion and living in it Russian pianist with a child, contained a Gibson. That Oksana was not enough, and she demanded the court to force Mel to pay her a large sum, because they allegedly Lucia barely make ends meet on those “miserable” 20 thousand dollars, which is paid by the artist. Gibson also said that it will increase the amount of alimony, but if she would leave his house. Now Grigorieva intends to move with her daughter in Malibu.

Source: http://7days.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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