Mel b through the court banned the controversial ex-nanny to be closer to his family

Ex-member of Spice Girls Melanie brown, better known as Mel b a couple of months ago told me about his difficult marriage to Stephen Belafonte and the intention to divorce him. Melanie was very Frank and admitted that her life was under threat, however, and her reputation. Husband forced brown to do the things that normal, healthy person is hardly correct, he forced her to be intimate with strangers and not once have I laid a hand on her.

Melanie for several years was forced to endure inappropriate antics of her husband, including his numerous infidelity with the nanny of their children Lorin, Gills. According to Mel b, Lorrin put a lot of effort to ensure that her life became a living hell. Now Melanie is going to repay their oppressors and to sue them.

The singer began with Babysitting and got the restraining order. Mel b has won a lawsuit against Lorrin, Gills — the ex-nanny of her daughters who claimed that she was fooling around with singer novel for 7 years. Now she has no right to approach Mel and her children, and any way to contact them. A “restraining order” is valid for 5 years — until may 3, 2022.

Of course, Lorrin it was hard to accept the fact that she has charged, because she didn’t know any better than to call the words of ex-boss ‘ and according to her mistress, slander.

Lorrin has filed a lawsuit against Melanie. The nanny claims that they have the Chalk was a sexual relationship, but Stephen Belafonte joined him at his wife’s request.

However, the lawyers of brown just does not send, because they are sure that truth is on their side: “we Have evidence that Lorrin chased Mel b for several months and was blackmailing her. In addition, we have established where the ex-nanny keeps a scandalous record home videos”.


Source: hellomagazine.com
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