Meghan Markle wearing the necklace with the initials of the beloved

Is this not a Declaration of love? Actress Meghan Markle, star of TV series “Force majeure”, which, as we all know, stole the heart of the most famous ginger on the planet, Prince Harry (Donald trump to account do not take). A few days ago from sun-drenched Barbados in love with the heir to the British throne went to snowy Canada, to visit with his new girlfriend.

The next day happy and smiling actress, the paparazzi have caught on the street near her home with bouquets of flowers, and noticed that she wears a necklace with the initials of his beloved and their.
A journalist managed to find out that this piece of jewelry from Maya Brenner, which costs about $ 250.
Recall that on the novel of Megan and Prince Harry became known in late October. Admirers of the heir to the throne around the world were saddened and some angry girls even started writing Markle insults, even the Prince had to stand up for his beloved.
As it became known, the Christmas Harry will spend away from Megan, and his sudden visit to her, because of which he missed several charity events in the UK – apologies for that.

Source: http://www.spletnik.ru
Photo: http://www.spletnik.ru

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