Meghan Markle attend the wedding of Pippa Middleton as a couple Prince Harry

Actress and fiancee of British Prince Harry’s Megan Markle will visit after the wedding of her sister Duchess of Cambridge Pippa Middleton. For several months the British media discussed the possibility of going to the wedding, 35-year-old artist who has blue blood and was not is the wife of Prince.

According to the publication People, for the reason that Megan and Harry do not bind the marriage bond, Markle will not be able to attend the wedding ceremony in the Church of St. Mark, where Pippa and her fiance James Matthews would swear to each other eternal love and faithfulness. But Megan will be able to attend the gala dinner for this reason.
This weekend the Prince again (and already traditional) family ignored the rules and went with the family to Church for Easter mass, but spent a holiday in Toronto with his lover.
We will remind that earlier it was reported about the reluctance of Pippa to see Megan at her wedding. And it’s not a personal dislike to the actress, in fact, Middleton refers to the well-beloved Prince. Pippa just wanted to be the center of attention was they Jamm and not Harry with Megan, which every now and then is hunted by the paparazzi, hungry for sensation.

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