Meet the parents: Prince Harry met with the relatives of the bride

Prince Harry has made it clear that the intentions regarding canadian actress Meghan Markle from him – the most that neither is serious. The heir to the British throne met his beloved father, 72-year-old Thomas Markle, during one of his visits to Toronto. This is confirmed not only insiders close to the family and couple, but also the elder brother of Megan Thomas Markle.

He said that his father is proud of his 35-year-old daughter in a serious relationship with a crown Prince, and that he with such respect to her concerns.
“My dad knew about the affair from the beginning. They first met with Prince Harry about six months ago in Toronto. He is very happy for Megan and Harry. They have a great relationship, and it brings him joy,” said Megan’s brother Thomas Junior.
In early December, Markle met with family members Harry, his brother William and his wife Kate and father Prince Charles and his wife.
Meanwhile, it remains unknown whether the introduced Megan his beloved mother Dooriya Ragland. Brother of the actress hopes that he will soon be lucky enough to meet the crowned heads who could soon become a member of their family.
“I am so happy W her. I know she’s happy with Harry, otherwise they wouldn’t be together. I see that he loves her and cares for her, and all of us are very important,” said Megan’s brother.
About the novel the Prince Harry and canadian actress Meghan Markle has become known relatively recently, although it turned out that they are Dating since may last year. They met in Canada during the visit of the British Prince in Toronto where he presented Invictus Games 2017.
The news of the novel’s most famous ginger in the world (not counting Donald trump and Grigoryeva-Appolonova, of course) shocked his many admirers. They began to chase Megan and even threaten her with violence. Harry had to intervene and ask the fans to be nicer to his lady.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
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