Meditation “angel Wings”: get rid of the problems and attract the luck

Meditation is one of the common practices, which since ancient times has been used to gain inner harmony, luck and happiness.

Spiritual practices of Eastern religions have always had a huge popularity. They help a person to positive energy and direct it in the right direction. In the life of every man there comes a moment when luck leaves him and the problem is served with the head. It seems that every day a success and luck go farther and farther, sometimes to cope with difficulties unbearably hard. Luck to become your constant companion and all the troubles left behind, enough to embark on the path of spiritual growth. Through meditation “angel Wings” you will be able to overcome all of life’s obstacles and difficulties and to re-turn to his fortune.

Features of this meditation

The main point of meditation “angel Wings” lies in obtaining the patronage and protection of the Universe. Thanks to it you attract into your life positive energy, thereby activating your inner power. The more you practice meditation the greater your success in finding yourself.

The most important is the ability to visualize your desires. To tune into the meditation, think positively, imagining that luck has become your constant companion. Since meditation requires full immersion into yourself and work on yourself, you need absolute privacy and silence to feel my genuine feelings and experiences.

Meditation “Angel Wings”

This type of meditation is a very effective and efficient. The key is to learn the correct technique of spiritual practice “angel Wings”.

The first thing you need to do is send all my thoughts to the sublime creation inside of you. You must feel a divine force and to concentrate only on her. Will feel inside of you wakes up and rages the flow of the raging energy. Feel filled with the strength and love of your heart.

When you get to establish a connection with the Universe, when you let go of the thought of the separation of the divine and the material, you will truly merge into one
the whole Space, leaving the confines of her body, enjoying the connection with the universe. You will feel that within you lies the whole world that you are the universe.

Imagine that behind you the snow-white wings. Unleash your imagination and fantasies. Feel on a physical level that you have wings, filled with light. Enjoy this moment, connect them together and let them wrap you like a blanket, sheltering from negative energy, misery and failure. They will drive away from you all the threads negative activity, allowing you to regain the happiness, peace, harmony and good fortune.

Angel wings can protect you from all the difficulties of life, to increase the flow of your life energy, and clear your chakras, restoring harmony to your soul.

This practice includes regular version: no more than 30 minutes a day. To meditation came to fruition, you may need 21 to 90 days. After months of systematic work on yourself you will feel the light breeze of fortune. Eventually you will be able to attain spiritual wings that will drive all the trouble away. When the black bar retreat, already nothing will disturb the good fortune to break into your life. You will gain strength, confidence and desire to go forward.

Let the wings become part of you. Even when you’re finished practicing this meditation, don’t let the wings to leave you. Try to come to at the slightest thought of the angel Wings they immediately appeared behind you, illuminating your soul with pure light.

This practice is a very powerful conductor in the pure spiritual world, where you will find true happiness, luck and success, driving away all the problems. Remember that only you determine your inner state, and only you can decide whether to fill the soul with light, getting rid of setbacks, or to allow the problems to continue to follow you closely. Success, happiness,