Medinsky has criticized Poklonsky and defended the “Matilda”

13 September – news Agency “news”. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky spoke in defense of the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”. According to him, he doesn’t know what considerations guided the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya and mixed “activists”-arsonists, undertaking and supporting the hubbub around the picture.

— I am often accused of excessive conservatism. And that’s how conservative I want to say that the self-styled “activists” diskreditiert and state cultural policy, and the Church. Orthodoxy — it’s about love and not about hate. What if they are different from fanatics of other faiths or sects in the worst form? — said Medina.

He also added that any controversy about the film at this point is pointless. According to the Minister of culture, is doubly absurd position of people who have not seen “Matilda”, but angrily condemn, and even flaunt it.

Personally, I saw the film. I will not discuss its contents are simply incorrect, while it will not be seen by the audience. But testify that there is nothing offensive nor to the memory of Nicholas II, or the history of the Russian monarchy — said the Minister of culture.

In addition, Medinsky said that the Ministry of culture gives the films a distribution certificate strictly according to the legal procedure, which clearly describes the grounds for refusal. Them in the case of “Matilda” were not.

The film is rated “16+”. This is the only statutory limit on terms of office. Any intentions of “initiativesto” on the ground “to ban” any attempts to exert pressure on private or municipal cinemas — this is pure lawlessness and censorship, which is directly prohibited by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, — said Medina.

In this regard, the Minister of culture asked the law enforcers to enforce the law and hard to suppress the pressure on the state and film business from the uncontrolled “activists” with their socially dangerous methods of imposing their beliefs.