Media: the father of Anna Sedokova hopes to get her back – 24???

Popular singer Anna Sedokova is able to reunite with businessman Artem Komarov, the father of her son Hector. Some media informed that the man intends to get back on the mother of his child, who writes “Woman.Ru”.

According to press reports, Anna and Tom were planning their wedding, but still decided to leave. After the birth of Hector the couple stopped communicating.

Anna Sedokova and Artem Komarov

Not so long ago in mass media there was information that well-known entrepreneur still hopes to return to Anna.

“Now the guys have stopped any communication. As far as I know, he calls and writes to her, but unrequited,” said friend Anna in an interview with StarHit.

Also a friend of the famous singer announced that Hector is the name of his father, but the child brought up by the mother.