Media: Tallulah Willis has secretly married

The daughter of Hollywood stars demi Moore and Bruce Willis Tallulah married her boyfriend Morgan MacDonald. This is reported by a number of media, based on pictures taken by the paparazzi. The picture shows that on the fourth finger Tallula have a ring, very much like a wedding.

22-year-old Tallow and 23-year-old Morgan captured this past weekend on a walk. Some tabloids immediately spread the rumor that the youngest daughter of demi and Bruce got married. Alisha, mother of Morgan, however, denies this and says that while the couple is not planning a marriage.
“They’re both serious, but no, they’re not married. I’ll see them in a few days, and ask. If that is true – I die” — joked the woman.
At the same time in social networks Tallulah said MacDonald as her husband and as such calls him and his friends. Is it a whim of the girl, or they are actually secretly married, while trying to find the American journalists.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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