Media: Sofia Vergara is diluted with the star of “magic Mike”

Wedding Vergara Sofia and Joe Manganiello took place not so long ago, and the media several times already bred a few, not believing in the perfect Union of actors. Over the weekend in the press again began to circulate the news that these two could not get along under one roof.

Under messages of informants, Sofia and Joe have a few months of not living under the same roof, because the rumors about their separation may be justified.

“Unfortunately, the Union of Sophia and Joe did not take place. This pair was made by their PR and for a while had a place to exist. But now they stopped publishing sharing photos on social networks, what to say about ending a relationship,” reads one of the Western tabloids.

How is information about the separation Vergara and Manganiello corresponds to the truth, so far unknown.


Source: aceshowbiz.com
Photo: aceshowbiz.com

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