Media published proof of pregnancy sweetheart Cristiano Ronaldo Georgina Rodriguez

Last week the whole world has heard the news that the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronadlo second time will be the father of the baby he give birth to his beloved mannequin Georgina Rodriguez. Pushed the audience to such rumours, the that the player posted on his page in the social network (which is not peculiar to him). The photo shows the athlete stroking belly sweetheart.. And now photographers have caught the lovers in Corsica while walking.

The model was DETA in a short bodycon dress that clung closely to her and really changing the shape. Journalists guessed that Georgina is on the fourth month of pregnancy, this means that by the end of the year, six-year-old son Cristiano will have a brother or sister.
By the way, the mother of the football player has officially denied information about pregnancy Rodriguez.
“It’s a lie! Cristiano was just petting her belly, and as far as I know, about the pregnancy is not the issue. I certainly hope that he had once more children, he also dreams about them. He has enough money to provide for them” mom said Cristiano.
Recall that the mother of Ronaldo tried to make the athlete broke up with his previous lover Irina Shayk. Woman is not a fan of models and believes that her son needs a simple girl who is the mistress of the house. It is possible that Georgina is not her taste. Officially, neither Cristiano nor his representative has not commented on the pregnancy news Rodriguez.

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